Nunchaku Wielding 5-Year Old Seamlessly Reenacts Bruce Lee Scene

Outfit and all, this 5-year old kid has managed to flawlessly imitate Bruce Lee’s famous nunchaku scene from The Game of Death. While nunchaku, more commonly known as nunchuks, are clearly awesome, this little tyke has taken his fascination of them to an extreme we’ve never seen before! Turns out this little guy has got lots of practice though, he’s been aspiring to great heights since he was 4, with his Dad along for the ride the whole time, camera in tow!

Normally, when a child develops such an obsession, you’d think his parents might try to curb the enthusiasm… but this toddler’s father seems to be all for it. He managed to film his son while the original scene is playing in the background, so you can see how perfectly this tots got the routine down – we’re talking everything from in-time side steps to a full range of copied facial expressions. And not once during the 1.5 minute scene does he take a peek at the original.

This little guy is seriously giving Bruce Lee a run for his money, and he’s doing it without the camera cuts from the original The Game of Death scene. So really, we can say this kid has taken the prize, since Bruce didn’t even do the full routine in one take!